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Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
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Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
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Money Making Strategies

How I Made $100 in 3 Hours

by Michael Tveter on 04/22/13

This strategy is nothing too complicating but you will be required to get out of your comfort zone. I have found that SEO services are very popular, especially to small businesses. So what I did, I created a website at http://www.howtoopenabusiness.biz/ and charged $175 to do an SEO service to small businesses. I cold called about 50 small businesses in 1.5 hours and got about 2 sales. So I technically made $200 in 3 hours of making a website and calling companies, but will say $100 to because my second sale had to finalize their order the next day.
How I performed this gig was that I ordered 10 Fiverr gigs for each customer to help get backlinks and content to their business in order to get their $175 SEO package. So I barely put much work into this. Just created a website and did a bunch of calls.
Try it out, have some fun, and make some money.

Best Selling Fiverr Gigs on Fiverr

by Michael Tveter on 04/20/13

I am finally going to spill the beans due to how successful my service has been to help my subscribers establish businesses online with Fiverr, ebay, and Empower Network. Now I want to give you something in return.
I want to reveal to you the most highly converting niche service that has earned a few of my choice customers on fiverr. The service is graphic design.
Yes graphic design usually costs hundreds of dollars for any business. But fiverr offers logos, banners, and other graphics. Charging $5 for these graphics are a steal deal for any business that they are running and screaming to get this deal.
So if you have a talent in this field, or are able to freelance this out to another to do this work for you, this would be a great service to make some easy money.
If you wish to have me establish a business like this that can earn you over $2K per month, check out my website at www.viralsolutionsgroup.com.

How to Make $300 in 4 Hours

by Michael Tveter on 04/19/13

How to Increase Your Credit Score to 760 Points in 30-45 Days?

by Michael Tveter on 03/30/13

I know this sounds hard to believe but I have used an exciting resource that has increased my credit score from 620-760 in 30 days thanks to my friend Richard.

All this was made possible with trade lines. Trade lines allow you to lease your name onto someone elses credit line.

For example say if there is someone who has a credit credit card with a 50k limit. If they only used $5k on their card, this looks very good concerning their  credit. So what this person can do to make a little money, they will lease out a spot on their card that will allow your name to be on the account.

You will not be allowed to have the card, but your name will be on the account. Doing this, your credit score will jump from 40-60 points just for having your name on a reliable credit line.

Because this has worked so well, Richard and I have helped many other people purchase these trade lines that have boosted their credit from 400-760 in 30-45 days.

Now I have cut a deal with Richard for me to offer this service to you at a set price. Richard is now charging $900 per trade line that will boost your credit 40-60 points in 30-40 days.

How many trade lines do you need?

Say if you have a credit score of 500 and need to get to 750. Well if our minimum guarantee is 40 points to increase your credit score.

Take 750 - 500 =250 Points Needed      250/40 Points = 6.25 Trade Lines

Which means the cost is 6 x $900 = $5400 to get a 760 Credit Score

I know $5400 sounds like a lot of money, but the question is if it is worth enough to get a smaller interest rate and being able to finally qualify for a loan.

So if you need a loan or a lower interest rate with a higher Credit Score, than visit this website below to get started.

How to Find Missing Money

by Michael Tveter on 03/29/13

I came across an amazing government website called http://www.missingmoney.com/. This website allows you to search a variety of records such as the following:

Common types of unclaimed property include:

  • Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents
  • Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends
  • Uncashed checks and wages
  • Insurance policies, CD's, trust funds
  • Utility deposits, escrow accounts

I had a buddy that referred me to this and he was able to get $400 in unclaimed money mailed to him. I was able to claim about $300. 

Check out the website and get some free money.


Super Quick Way to Make Any Sale

by Michael Tveter on 03/23/13

I have a buddy that just did this recently and thought I may share it with you. What could be the best place to find people or reps to sell your products. Colleges.
My friend went to a college campus to their job department and posted an ad that he needs 5-10 students to work part time selling his products.
All my friend did was he taught these college students just 3 of my marketing strategies out of my book and told them to use those marketing strategies to sell his products.
Today those students are making money and my friend is making tons of money out of college students doing all of the advertising for him.
Have fun with this neat little advertising trick.

Get Paid $100 for Opening a Bank Account

by Michael Tveter on 03/21/13

I thought it would be fun sharing this little quick way to make a few hundred bucks.

PNC Bank Requires the Following:

  • Get a $100 reward

    with qualifying Direct Deposit and 10 purchases with your PNC Bank Visa® Check Card.1

Here is the Link:


Make $7,000 Monthly Flipping Websites

by Michael Tveter on 03/21/13

I made money on Flippa, but it does not happen over night. It takes me about a month before I consider selling a website to flip. This is what I typically do to get a good website sold.
1.) Either buy a website on flippa or build one from scratch, I usually build one from scratch.
2.) Hire two people from Freelancer.com with good background reviews on web design and SEO.
3.) Create a powerful service on the website that brings in residual commissions or one time commissions, but do not make the website strictly for adsense.
4.) Get to a PR1 or 2 on Google to attract buyers to the website.
5.) Get about $2k earnings per month on the website. The more you earn, the higher the bid will be. The bids on my websites are usually 3-4 times the value of the earnings.
6.) Show perfect accurate stats to convince your buyers that you are legit.
7.) Hire your web designer to do the website and domain switch for you because I believe it is a pain in the butt.

When all is said and done, I usually make $8,000 for one website that probably cost me $1000 to build.

So these are simple steps, but it is the quality of the work. Reason why many do not get sales on websites they flip is because they do crappy flips instead of putting a little more work into those websites.

If you want full details on how I use this strategy, check out my book that teaches you how to make an Honest Living Online in 48 Hours

Hope this helps good luck

What Are The Top 3 Hottest Selling Products Online?

by Michael Tveter on 03/15/13

Hey guys, I thought I may mention what are the top 3 products that are being sold online right now.  Well because we are in a recession, everyone is broke, laid off, their pay is cut, or having to pay higher taxes.
This all sounds sad, but it may not be all that sad for us because we can use this to our advantage to sell products that are needed to get people through their financial issues in this recession.
So here are my top 3 selling products today.

1.) Personal Lenders
I have found that nobody these days are able to get a loan with a bank, but if you help people find a personal private lender who is willing to be more flexible to lend their money out, there is a lot of potential to make money out of this. Believe me I have done it.

2.) Payday Loans:
I hate payday loans, and I would not recommend it to anyone, but hey it is one of my highest converting products. Everyone is screaming to get these payday loans so they can get their cash on hand.

3.) Debt Consolidation:
If you become an affiliate with a debt consolidation company, you can go a long way to get a lot of sign ups and commissions from people trying to lower their interest rate on there debts.

So that is it, I have seen incredible results out of all these resources and have had a ton of fun with it. Make a quick hundred bucks today and promote the heck out of this stuff.

If you need help advertising this stuff, check out my super awesome ebook on the right hand side to know my secrets to advertise to a large audience with little to no investment.

Here's to Your Success

New Money Making Strategies

by Michael Tveter on 03/15/13

What is the Hottest Selling Product on Ebay Right NOW!!! ?

Finding the right niche that sells on ebay is rather challanging. I usually spend about 6 hours looking for the right type of products that I can close within a week. But the fastest seller I would like to reveal to my faithful subscribers and students is silver. ? Gold seems to have a good standing, but silver sells lightening fast. One day I bought about $500 of 2013 silver eagle coins and sold it all for about $850. All this effort only took me about 1 hour of work to post the ads, and run ?the products to the post office. Not all my readers have this type of money, but if you want to work with me, I know ?ways to buy and sell on ebay with zero investment. ? A special I want to leave with my readers is that if you purchase my Ebay Ebook before noon tomorrow, I will tell ?you two niche products that sell very quickly, and I will show you how to do it with zero dollars. ? Much Luck With Your Ebay Success My Friends. ?

Upsell Unique Items on Ebay that Brings Curiosity ?

1) Go to a local shop to buy some items that look like amulets/pendants/charms for a low price such as $5. buy some items that look like amulets/pendants/charms for a low price such as $5.

2) On eBay, make a listing on Collectibles, Religion & Spirituality, Wicca & Paganism, Amulets, Pendants & Charms. Make the price about 4-5 times more than what you bought it for. Compare other items on ebay similar to yours if you find one.

3) Hire a magician to cast a spell on your item on fiverr (http://fiverr.com/bubbagoo/write-and-cast-a-spell-for-you) magical/mystical powers that the amulet may have (e.g.that it brings love, good luck, stength etc) and that you are an experienced spell-caster who has put magic into the item. (Look at some of the other ebay sellers' listings to get an idea).

4) Get sales.

5) Rinse and repeat. ?

Make about $132 a Day Turning $5 into $49 Three Times a Day ?

I am going to teach you how to resell mobile sites to local businesses. ? Offering mobile sites are a hot niche right now because many businesses do not have them and they realize that there is value in this. ?

So this is How You Do it: ?

1. I just searched on Google for a specific business such as: "florists in manhattan".

2. Visit the websites that appears only with google adwords (this is important because the site's owner are spending money on marketing and they will probably like the idea of a mobile site version).

3. Look in the website some way of contact, an email, a contact form, a phone..

4. Contact the owner, explain the importance of a mobile site version and say that you can do an excellent mobile site version for only $49.

5. If you get a YES answer just go to fiverr, buy the gig and when is finished just send the files to your client. ? So you got $49 for your client and you spent $5 on the gig, so you totally earn $44! ?

Today I sent 30 emails. I received the answer of 9 people and 3 of them buy my service!!! ? That's the simple method I'm using right now and it's really working and very good!! ? Then you can start promoting your service with local business with flyers, there are many ways to do it!! ? Just try this and tell me how you did!! ? ?

Find People Looking for Jobs ?

Because the United States is facing the challenge of high unemployment, this is honestly a great niche to get into to help people find work. Websites like jobs.com, careerbuilders.com, and others offer the opportunity to become an affiliate with these companies. So for every referral you bring into these job sites can earn you anywhere from $5-$20 per referral. ?

Best place I would recommend you to find people seeking for employment are those who submit their resumes on craigslist under the gig section. Using these hot new leads are a powerful way for you to get them to job sites that will not only help them find a job, but to get you earning more money. ?

Get Paid to Answer Questions ?

There is a website called yahooanswers.com that helps you answer questions to people's problems. What I do in this scenario is that use affiliate products to answer questions to peoples problems.

What I do to make a ton of money out of this is that I go to the search box that allows me to search specific topics on questions. ? You will use Amazon products to answer questions on yahoo answers. Amazon gives you the opportunity to sell their products as an affiliate without having to buy them. The commissions are not huge, but they will add up as long as you work harder to get the products out in the market. ? Getting your amazon products to a thirsty crowd is terribly easy.

You will be focusing on finding people from a website called yahooanswers.com. This website is full of people seeking for answers to problems that they are facing and your goal is to solve that problem to them by using your Amazon products as the solution. ?

In order to find these hot prospects to buy your products you need to focus on four questions: ?

“Where can I find?”
“Where can I get?”
“How can I find?”
“How can I get?” ?

These four questions are very powerful because people are seeking for items that can solve a variety of issues involving these questions. ?Say if you searched "where can I find." You come up with a person asking “where fan I find the cheapest diamond wedding band, but are good quality?” What you will need to do is to become a member of Amazon Associates, get an affiliate link to an affordable wedding ring, and post in on yahoo answers. ?

The affiliate link you provide to the person you are answering the question for may not be interested in your product, but there will be many people that will be viewing your discussion in the future that they will be prompted to purchase your product in the future. The goal is to post as many affiliate links as possible to get more sales. If you post about 20 links per day, you should expect sales to come in before 30 days. ? ?

Earn Extra Income From the Best Work From Home Biz
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